My Offerings

Service Costs

In general, my healings are approximately 75 minutes long, whether they are hands on healings, breathwork or work with spirits. However, sometimes longer sessions are required, particularly when working to heal ancestral wounds. Feel free to inquire for details about longer sessions. I also offer a movement and meditation group class through Spirit House.

  • Individual session (75 minutes) - $110
  • Introductory Session (one-time only) - $50
  • Online Session (60 minutes) - $90
  • Online Session (30 minutes) - $50
  • Package of 5 sessions - $500
  • Full length family constellation session (approximately 2.5 hours) - $250
  • Moving and Meditation Class - $20, Sign up with is through Spirit House website.

Medical Qi Gong

I work with the body's energy to help heal and balance internal organs. Typically, the client will lie on a massage table, and I use gentle touch to balance the heart, lungs, spleen/pancreas, liver and kidneys. I also work to clean energetic channels and chakras. This is usually a gentle practice that feels relaxing and energizing.

  • Gentle and relaxing
  • Supports general health by balancing the body
  • Can be combined with other treatment approaches such as kundalini or channeling of spirit guides

Working with spirit guides

I can connect you with your own spirit guides, and channel beneficial spirits that show up to assist you in your healing and transformation

  • Can be powerful and energizing
  • Connects you to spiritual helpers that will work with you over a lifetime

Working with ancestors

Using a tool called family constellations, I work with ancestors to provide healing on a deep soul level. Through connecting to specific ancestors on a spirit level, we are able to understand their life's struggles and passions in a new way. This can help to clear and shift lifelong patterns of stuck beliefs or emotions.

  • Shifts lifelong patterns of thought and emotion
  • Allows you to live your own life instead of other people's stories
  • Works on a subtle but powerful soul level for permanent shifts

Kundalini Mediumship

Through stimulation of energetic knots in the belly, I can help the kundalini energy awaken. This energy has its own wisdom and process and will work through many layers of stuck energy, emotions and beliefs.

  • Hot and fiery energy that burns, vibrates and untangles stuck areas of the body
  • Connects you to passion and life purpose
  • Can be intense and transformative


Through a guided breathwork session, you will be able to relax and release many layers of emotion, thoughts and/or trauma stored in the body. This can make a large difference in energy levels and happiness. It is one of the best ways to work through trauma in a safe body-centered way, and reconnect with your own emotions and sense of purpose.

  • Safely release stuck trauma
  • Reconnect to your body
  • Feel relaxed, energized and clear-headed