Steps toward Spiritual Freedom

Stages of the process

I work with clients, in Portland, Oregon or online, to address complex and deep issues of physical health, ancestral trauma, and spiritual balance. Over time, I work to restore energetic balance and to find the right relationship with the important people in our lives. This work is a unique journey, but can be envisioned in four stages of development. I offer in-person sessions in Portland, Oregon as well as online sessions.

Stage 1: Finding balance
First, we find physical and emotional balance to gain stability before going deeper. At this stage, I'll work to open up energetic channels to release stuck energy and emotions. We'll talk about key goals and challenges in life, and connect you to protective spirit guides and ancestors.

Stage 2: Connecting to life purpose
We'll connect you to your life purpose and passion. We'll move fiery energy in the body to burn off places where you are stuck.

Stage 3: Clear deep wounds
We'll explore your deep, dark wounds and the best way to heal them. We may look at ancestral traumas, deep physical or energetic imbalances, or past lives.

Stage 4: Seeking Spiritual Freedom
We will explore your unique gifts and what you are being asked to bring into this world. We will develop ways of living life from a sense of clarity, peace and freedom.

What tools do I use?

I have studied a number of energetic and spiritual tools to approach healing frommany perspectives. I combine these tools into my own unique style of healing.

Key tools I've studied include medical qi gong, biodynamic touch, channeling of spirits, clairvoyance, pranayama breathwork, kundalini activation, and family constellations.

A single session could involve talking, receiving energetic work on a massage table, connecting with ancestors or spirits, or being guided through breathwork or movement practices.

Mel Rader

It has taken me several decades to find my path as a healer and a teacher. I studied food and water policy and science, received a Fulbright Fellowship focused on climate change impacts in Australia, then ran a public health non-profit for a decade. But my own pains and sorrows from childhood as well as visions of dragons and elves and other spirits brought me to my path of deep spiritual transformation. I studied qi gong movement practices for 8 years, dug into my ancestral pains and wisdom, worked with dragon spirits and kundalini. I was just seeking to feel healthy and happy. But, the spirits had other plans for me and I gradually was pushed into a path of a healer and mystic. Now, I see it was all part of a plan I don't understand.

I have studied from many teachers and guides. My key studies include channeling of spirits (Kat Bird), working with dragons (Michelle Hawk and Araya AnRa), working with ancestors (Lexi Soulios), qi gong movement and healing (David Beaudry and many others), Kundalini activation and tracking of wounds (Justin Levy), and breathwork (David Elliott).

Key qualifications:

  • Medical Qi Gong certificate
  • Family Constellation Training
  • Biodynamic Touch, Level 1
  • Kundalini Mediumship Practitioner
  • Training in Channeling Spirit Guides
  • Breathwork with David Elliot, Level 3

Let’s start your next Chapter

Contact me to schedule a 15 minute introductory phone call or to book a session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone do qi gong?

Yes. Qi Gong is a gentle movement form. I offer a class on Tuesday evenings at Spirit House. I also use qi gong techniques for healing others on a massage table.

Where are you located?

I have a healing space at Awakenings in SE Portland, Oregon near 11th and Belmont. Email me to schedule an appointment.

What are the COVID-19 protocols currently in effect?

Masks are optional. I am happy to wear a mask if requested.

Are there appropriate treatments or practices for children?

Yes. This work an be very gentle and appropriate for children. Children 14 years and older can take my qi gong class. Even young children can received energetic healing treatments.

How do I get started?

Contact me for questions or to book a session.