Threads of the Soul

Unleash your Potential

I am here for you...

to Become Your Healthy and Powerful Self

Do you feel the magic of the forests? Do you take in deep breaths that fill you with joy? Do you long for more?

I see and feel our relationships and emotions wrapped around us like a blanket. I don't believe the soul lives in the body, but rather the body is part of a great interconnected soul. Our souls are like a great tapestry of our experiences, our gifts, and our relationships. I see areas where the soul's tapestry is clear and beautiful. And in other areas, our thoughts are confused; our emotions are volatile. I am here for you to help sort out this tapestry of your life - to heal the core energetic structures of your body, to find right relationship with family and friends, and to understand the lessons of past lives and ancestry.

I can be there for you in the darkest places, because I have been there myself. I can listen. I can offer healing hands and an open heart. At times, I can see with a spiritual knowing to offer ideas or guidance to move to a great place of clarity and freedom.

My medicine can be gentle like a waterfall of energy down the body. Or it can be fierce, like the roar of a black jaguar. My medicine is my own unique creation from many traditions. I learned to work with the energy of the body (qi) through many years of study in Chinese moving practices and Medical Qi Gong. I learned to work with spirits and to channel their messages and energies. I studied family constellations to sort out the tangled stories of our ancestors. I have learned to stimulate and move kundalini to give us the power to transform our lives.

Come with me on this journey of discovery and power ...

Profound Benefits Over Time

Over time, my services will provide many health and mental benefits. Medical Qi Gong helps to release tension, promote health and increase ease and happiness. Breathwork is a powerful way to increase a sense of health and vitality as well as safely work through deep trauma. In the long term, I work with clients to find spiritual transformation and purpose.